ActiveWorlds Europe

ActiveWorlds Europe 5.0

A Web Universe where you can do lots of things, just as if in real life
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Activeworlds Europe is a parallel universe where you can meet people, do business, play games, and take part in many of these activities almost as if in real life. It is not just a simple game - it goes beyond that, as you may choose your own avatar and communicate with others via chat or VOIP, or even with a wave of your hand.

Everything is possible in this Web Universe. Here you can meet people from all over the world, and it is not just a place to chat and all that - since it is a 3D world, you can walk, swim or fly wherever you want, attend events like art shows, or do other activities with other members of the Active World. But if you want to go further, you can become a citizen, and then you will have more privileges - for example, you will be able to choose your own avatar, choose other buildings, create permanent things or objects, and the most important thing, you can even create your own world.

Becoming a citizen is not that expensive, as once you are one, you can do business inside this world, which is a great advantage when it comes to online business. This game is so complete that you can even make transactions with real money through Dutch Exchange. You will be allowed to manage your transactions and payments online.

Before becoming a member you have the possibility of visiting the world and experience it for yourself.

Review summary


  • Not so expensive
  • Can be used to do business online


  • Not-so-good graphic interface
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